Beirut - Breathable Nail Polish

Rs 575.00
This warm nude pink color was inspired by the beautiful and fascinating Lebanese city of Beirut. One of the oldest cities in the world, Beirut is known for its rich history, its beautiful coast, and its vibrant culture - even being called the "Paris of the East." This amazing city is home to Byzantine Mosaics, extravagant mosques and cathedrals, roman baths, ancient streets, and ruins from the Canaanite and Ottoman eras. One of the famous landmarks off the coast of Beirut, Pigeon's Rock, is known to have been the site of some of the oldest evidence of human existence was found. It is also claimed to be the remains of the sea monster the green hero Perseus killed to save Andromeda, having used Medusa's head to turn the monster into stone. 

Beirut is a creamy pink nude halal nail polish with warm undertones. It is more opaque and pinker than Sakura and more warm and slightly darker than Dakar.

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